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Malfunction of a small component affects the entire operation.

Whether you know it or not, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are part of your personal devices, commercial equipment and  industrial machineries. Be it your phone, LED TV, printer, AC, medical equipment, elevator or construction machinery, when a PCB fails your daily activities become frustrating and inoperable.

But this doesn’t have to be the case, if you think logically you can give new life to your damaged PCB at little cost. Different devices have different electrical requirements, so there can be an infinite number of PCB sizes and configurations, and the failure of the below-mentioned one of the components can completely affect the functionality of the entire PCB.

  • Capacitor: Stores electrical charge for smoother distribution.
  • Copper tracing: Copper “tracks” embedded in the board that act like roads for electrical current to pass through
  • Resistor: Mediates the electrical current by “slowing it down.” 
  • Transistor: Amplifies the electrical charge.
  • Battery: Power source
  • LED: Allows current flow in only one direction. Lights up when current is present
  • Switches: Can permit or block current if they are open or closed.
  • Inductor: Stores electric current as an electromagnetic field.
  • Diode: Controls direction of electrical current.

Bringing Life Back to Your Boards.

Finding faulty components from a PCB with different components assembled can be a difficult task, however

diagnostics and troubleshooting of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is our passion.

We take pride in delighting our customers by giving new life to PCBs through innovative technology.

Experienced engineers at Thermotech use state-of-the-art testing equipment to locate the defective component and assemble a new component to make it functional again and ensures the functionality of the PCB before returning to customers.

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